SHARE THE GOSPEL - Build Your Skill and Confidence in Talking About Jesus

Wednesday, 6:00PM - Fellowship Hall

What happens when God gives you an opportunity to talk about Christianity or the gospel in everyday conversation? Do you smoothly explain who Jesus is and what he has done, feeling confident to answer any questions that come your way? Or do you fumble or freeze up, not really knowing what to say and feeling nervous about how it will be received?

In this study, we will learn how to share the gospel with other people, naturally, confidently, clearly, and faithfully, in your own unique way. 

We will use the book, "Share The Gospel," by Tony Payne. 

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Two Ways To Live 
Session One - A Gospel Worth Sharing
Session Two - Depending On God
Session Three - One Door, Many Words
Session Four - Flesh On The Bones/Conversational Pathways
Session Five - Questions, Questions
Session Six - Responding to the Gospel