Everything You Need to Know About the Old Testament

Wednesday, 6:00PM - Fellowship Hall

In this study, we will learn the most essential elements of the Old Testament, such as authorship, language, genre, composition, order, themes, topics, critical elements, interpretation, and how to understand messianic prophecies, types, and patterns. Our overall goal will be to learn how the Old Testament helps us understand our sinful condition and our need for God’s redemption through Christ Jesus.

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Course Syllabus
Session One - Introduction to the Old Testament
Session Two - The Pentateuch I
Session Three - The Pentateuch II
Session Four - The Pentateuch III
Session Five - The Former Prophets I
Session Six - The Former Prophets II
Session Seven - The Latter Prophets I
Session Eight - The Latter Prophets II
Session Nine - The Writings I
Session Ten - The Writings II
Session Eleven - The Writings III
Session Twelve - The Writings IV
Session Thirteen - The Writings V
Session Fourteen - Biblical Covenants I
Session Fifteen - Biblical Covenants II